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Welcome to the Fire Behaviour Knowledge Base Web Site. The FBKB is a Joint project of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, the Canadian Forest Service and the University of Toronto.

The FBKB is a searchable database of wildland fire behaviour observations. The purpose is to allow Fire Behaviour analysts to describe a fuel complex, search through the observation database and review field fire behavior observations from similar fuel situations.

Users can also record their own observations of fire behaviour (fuels, weather, and resulting fire behavior) building their own private database, and then submit that back to us and we will then include it in the master data base. In that, way the master database continually grows and users can continually download updated versions, allowing access to the current state of the knowledge for fire behaviour prediction.

Developers Blog

FBKB web version
June 30, 2009

The FBKB web beta version has been launched and is now accessible from the "Enter the FBKB" link at the top right of this page.

Chris Ducharme

Web Developer

FBKB web version
May 15, 2009

The web version of the FBKB is currently in alpha testing stages. Beta testing is scheduled to begin within 2 weeks.

Chris Ducharme

Web Developer

FBKB web version
September 4, 2008

Good Day, Everyone...

Fire Behaviour Knowledge Base is going to the web. We've added a new member to the FBKB team, Chris Ducharme, to webatize the Fire Behaviour Knowledge Base. The exciting new web version will have all the functionality of the stand alone version without any confusing installations. The web version will also alleviate having to download updates and new databases. Uploading personal databases will become straightforward and therefore encourage users to contribute to the master. The same quality control procedures will be in place to ensure data integrity.

The new web version is expected to be up in the new year.

Jennifer Brown

Web Master

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