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FBKB v 2.1 Update
February 4, 2008

Good Day, Everyone...

Fire Behaviour Knowledge Base 2.1 is now available for download from the FBKB website. If you have previously installed the full FBKB package, all you need to do is update your current version (See the Download page of website). As this update makes changes to the data tables, it is advisable that you BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE. New users, the full installation will be required.

This new version introduces the concept of a "Representative Image". This image, chosen by the person entering the data, will show the internal stand structure to best illustrate the important fire carrying components of the fuel complex. This image will be the image that pops up first when preforming searches. There can only be one Representative Image per site and can be changed at anytime by the owner of the data by clicking File/Representative Images/Make Current Image Representative (Short cut - CTRL-R) in the Image Viewer.

Another modification to the application is in the Image Viewer. When you click View/Update images for the Site, ALL of the images entered for the site will be available for viewing and editting (if you are the owner of the site). As before, clicking View/Update images from the individual Detail Observations' pages only the images for the Detail and Observation will be available for viewing/editting.

It is hoped that these changes will enhance your FBKB experience and as usual your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Should you have any problems with the update or installation of this version please feel free to contact me...

Jim Caputo

Lead FBKB Application Developer

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